John Tonderman
Chief Operations Officer
Bee Techy has been handling all my tech and media needs for the past 4 years. Couldn’t be happier, the customer service is always great and one of the few agencies that actually provide the results they’ve promised. Highly recommend, and I’m happy to vouch for them anytime.
Christine Agiannis
Working with these guys solved just about every problem we had in our operations. They automated about 30% of our business & saved us immense headache and money. Service & customer support cannot be beaten.
Kevin Martinez
Custom software solutions for each and every business they work with. The team takes care of every problem from the top down, and most importantly, they keep you informed along the way.
Sarah Albertson
I have inquired within many different agencies for help with technology, and none came even close to the level the Bee Techy team was at. They guided us throughout the way and even proposed to us new solutions for our business.
Angela Barkin
I'm saving time and money thanks to the team at Bee Techy, who helped me to reduce the errors in my financial reporting and client satisfaction.
Shirley Rosenbaum
My life has become so much easier! We build a custom CRM with Bee Techy and they were able to give us everything we wanted and more! Will definitely work with them again and recommending to all my associates!